Extract taken from Kendal Courier Magazine.

So Tim, you have been on the road for a while now. How is it going? Where have you been performing?
It’s going really well thanks. Getting to meet and perform in front of real music lovers every night is a great experience. We have been playing all sorts of venues from small intimate village halls to larger theatres and even some corporate type events.

You corrected me last year when I referred to you as a tribute. Can you remind me why?
Yes, well basically we don’t dress up or try impersonate S & G we just concentrate on the music and arrangements ensuring that the sound is right! We did spend quite a bit of time working on our parts before we took to the road and although we do some of our own interpretations we wanted to be true and at least honour the original versions.

What can people expect from one of your shows?
Firstly, we play live – two acoustic guitars, two vocals – no gimmicks, backing tracks or digital vocal correction – what we play is what you get! We play nearly two hours of S&G’s music in chronological order, interspersed with stories about the songs. The set includes classics like the Homeward Bound, Scarborough Fair, The Sound Of Silence, I Am A Rock, Mrs Robinson and many more. There is always some solo Paul Simon material and the odd original song too. The show is very intimate and people do tend to sit and listen. We play at pleasant sound levels and use continuous lighting (no strobe effects etc) — It is certainly no rock concert!

What do people need to do to book you directly?
Anyone can arrange a show. They need just to get in touch to discuss requirements. Please see the contact page. We are regularly contacted by theatres, halls, organisations and groups. We are always happy to perform this show in many different contexts.