This is a page for those interested in the gear used by Tim and Ian.

On Stage (Tim)
Tim uses Martin, Maton and also endorses Terry Pack guitars of Blackpool. Personal amplification by AER (Compact 60 and Compact XL). Strings by Dean Markley USA (New Blackhawk Acoustic Phospher Bronze)) gauge 12-53. Cables by Van Damme. Microphone used Audix OM5. Plectrums by Wegen, Hawk, Timber Tones, Dunlop (2.2 -2.5mm) Kliq/Planet Waves Capos.

On Stage (Ian)
Ian uses Martin and custom Ed Green Guitars. Personal amplification by AER (Compact 60 or Compact XL). Strings by Elixir gauge 12-54. Kyser Capos, Vox and Fender Cables. Microphone used Audix OM5.

FOH (Front of house)
System by KV2 Audio  Mixing desk by Yamaha. Effects and personal monitoring by T.C Electronic, Yamaha. Cables by Van Damme.

Lighting Systems
by KAM and Stairville.