Ian’s Biography

2012 was the year that Ian Bailey finally decided to put some time aside to leave the studio — where he has spent a decade helping and producing a variety of singer — songwriters, and to take to the road with Tim Chu as one half of ‘A Celebration of Simon & Garfunkel

The songs of Simon & Garfunkel have always been a major influence on Ian’s own songwriting, he fondly remembers late nights listening to his father’s transistor radio tuned into Radio Luxembourg and hearing ‘America’ for the first time. “It was everything I loved about songwriting — where the melody and words effortlessly combine and produce real magic” he would say later. “Having the opportunity to sing and play the music of the iconic duo is a wonderful experience, whether it’s taking people back down memory lane or introducing a younger generation to the music of Simon & Garfunkel, performing and celebrating their songs is simply a joy!” Ian has written and produced three solo albums and is currently writing material for a fourth.